DekBoard balustrades can be made up in a number of ways using traditional top and bottom rails with pickets or glass panels set in between. The hand rail and bottom rails are reinforced with a galvanised metal insert that makes the rails very rigid and therefore able to take a lot of pressure from the side or above.

The pickets are cut to height to suit the installation and they can be traditional 1 ¼” square or can be 6” wide; or a combination of the two. The smaller pickets may be set square with the rails or in an attractive diamond pattern along the rails.

Glass panels are becoming popular these days and the range provides for clear and tinted toughened glass versions which can be mounted to your deck in a number of ways.

Exclusive DekBoard balustrade colours for Holiday and Park Homes

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Contemporary DekBoard balustrade colours

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Traditional DekBoard balustrade colours

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