Balustrade for Holiday Homes

Our traditional balustrade system will beautifully complement your deck. DekBoard balustrades can be made up in a number of ways using traditional top and bottom rails with pickets or glass panels set in between.

The hand rail and bottom rail are reinforced with an insert that makes them very rigid and therefore able to take a lot of pressure from the side or above. The pickets are cut to height to suit the installation and may be set square with the rails or in a diamond pattern along the rails.

Our balustrade system can be installed with both, our standard boards and the wider DekBoard Plus, allowing you to achieve the perfect look to suit your deck style.

You can also choose the modern glass option, which gives your decking system an equally stylish finish. Why not finish off your deck with either a lantern or globe light?

DekBoard Balustrades:

  • Simple and elegant in design
  • Structurally safe with added metal inserts in the top and bottom rail
  • Available alongside DekBoard and DekBoard Plus
  • Range of colours to complement your deck board choice
  • Accommodates both picket and glass options
  • Lighting options available
  • National network of DekBoard Authorised Installers on hand for fitting
  • DekBoard Authorised Installers ensure safety and structural integrity through installation


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Balustrades which look great and provide a secure environment

Designed with safety in mind

Our balustrade systems have been designed to work seamlessly with our decking boards. Not only do they provide a great look to the finished deck but more importantly the top rail is reinforced with a metal insert to provide essential stability in everyday use but can also withstand a sudden impact from a fall, meaning that your deck is a safe environment.

Installed with safety in mind

It is critically important that decks, steps and balustrade systems are installed correctly so that the intended structural integrity of the system is achieved, ensuring your safety. At DekBoard we have this covered. Our national network of Authorised Installers are on hand, not only to help advise on the best design of DekBoard deck and balustrade system, but also to install your decking system in the correct way.

All DekBoard Authorised Installers are fully trained and understand the intricacies in deck installation. A badly installed system may leave a legacy of undesirable issues which will be completely avoided through using a DekBoard Authorised Installer.

Our network of Authorised Installers service both national holiday park groups and also smaller independent holiday parks so where ever your static caravan, lodge or holiday home is situated, we have a DekBoard Authorised Installer to help you. Find your nearest DekBoard Authorised Installer.

Balustrade colours and glass options to complete your sun deck in style

As well as the traditional white and almond colour choices for balustrade and pickets we offer a selection of foil finishes in woodgrain effect that can be seen below. Choosing a contrasting picket colour to that of the top and bottom rail gives a point of difference to your deck area. Why not match your pickets to the colour of your window frames? There are also glass options to consider which create a sleek, contemporary finish and can be either smoked or plain glass. Unsure how your choices will look, don’t worry our network of Authorised Installers are on hand to provide advise and talk you through choices. Get in touch with your local DekBoard Authorised Installer.






Slip Resistant
Low Maintenance
100% Recyclable
Long Life
Product Testing
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10 Roundal
We are so confident about the quality of DekBoard that we guarantee it’s structural performance for 10 years. DekBoard is made in the UK under strict quality, environmental and health and safety management systems. All our decking boards are regularly checked for size, shape and the quality of the finish. They are also tested for fire resistance, slip resistance, wear resistance and load carrying capacity.