Balustrade for Home

Making your garden deck area safe and secure for young children and pets is simple with the addition of a balustrade. Our balustrade not only looks great but is structurally sound. Additional strength is provided by metal inserts in both the top and bottom rails which means that the integrity of the balustrade will not deteriorate with time and in the event of a sudden increased load against it, such as a person falling, it will remain strong, providing the necessary support.

DekBoard balustrade systems are available in a range of colours that complement our decking board colours. If you are looking for a contemporary finish to your garden our systems can be installed with either clear or smoked glass options.

DekBoard Balustrades:

  • Simple and elegant in design
  • Structurally safe with added metal inserts in the top and bottom rail
  • Range of colours to complement your deck board choice
  • Accommodates both picket and glass options
  • Lighting options available
  • National network of DekBoard Authorised Installers on hand for fitting
  • DekBoard Authorised Installers ensure safety and structural integrity through installation


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Balustrades that look great and provide a secure environment

Balustrades designed for your garden and outdoor space

Our balustrades are made up of a combination of reinforced top and bottom rails with pickets set between and are designed to fit your decking area perfectly. There are various colour options available including solid colour and wood effect which are shown below. Our balustrade systems can also be designed to take either plain or smoked toughened glass for a contemporary, modern decking area. The DekBoard system also incorporates skirting components to neatly finish your garden deck area.

Design and installed with safety in mind

It is critically important that decks, steps and balustrade systems are installed correctly so that the intended structural integrity of the system is achieved, ensuring your safety. At DekBoard we have this covered. Our national network of Authorised Installers are on hand not only to help advise on the best design of DekBoard deck and balustrade system but also to install your decking system in the correct way.

All DekBoard Authorised Installers are fully trained and understand the intricacies in deck installation. A badly installed system may leave a legacy of undesirable issues which will be completely avoided through using a DekBoard Authorised Installer.

Get in touch with your DekBoard Authorised Installer

Our network of Authorised Installers are on hand to provide advice on design and will visit your home to carry out a site survey and talk through possible options. Creating the perfect deck and balustrade for your garden is simple with expert installers. Find your nearest DekBoard Authorised Installer.

Slip Resistant
Low Maintenance
100% Recyclable
Long Life
Product Testing
Standard balustrade colours
Wood effect balustrade colours
Golden Oak
Forest Green
Anthracite Grey
Balustrade configurations
Balustrade – top and bottom rails with pickets between
Square set pickets
Diamond set pickets
Glass options
Glass panel fixed with brackets
Glass panel set into top and bottom rail
Brackets for toughened glass
Plain glass option with brackets
Smoked glass option with brackets
Balustrade and skirting components
1.25″ Picket
6″ Picket
Bottom Rail Plain and Routed
Top Rail Plain and Routed
Post Sleeve
20 Roundal
We are so confident about the quality of DekBoard that we guarantee it’s structural performance for 20 years. DekBoard is made in the UK under strict quality, environmental and health and safety management systems. All our decking boards are regularly checked for size, shape and the quality of the finish. They are also tested for fire resistance, slip resistance, wear resistance and load carrying capacity.