At DekBoard, we are constantly striving to improve our business, allowing us to give the best possible service to our customers. Our in-house transport team gives us the knowledge and control to utilise our fleet of vehicles in the most effective and efficient manner.

With the team being based on-site in Scunthorpe, it is easier for them to communicate if any issues arise, allowing them to react quicker and more efficiently. In addition to this, we can deliver a more personal and bespoke service to our customers as there is a higher level of control over the usage of our vehicles. For example, when a customer requires a forklift truck for their delivery, this message can be passed on quickly to ensure that their needs are met correctly.

Having this service in-house allows us to make deliveries to the same areas, multiple times per week, giving the customer more flexibility and taking away the pressure of limited delivery time frames. As part of our ongoing dialogue with our current customer base, we have also identified that our customers prefer a timed delivery so that they are not stuck around waiting for the delivery and it doesn’t impact on their day as much. After working out what was achievable, this resulted in us introducing a 4-hour delivery window for all deliveries. We pride ourselves on having high standards and putting our customers first and we don’t want that to slip at any point.

As well as keeping our customers happy, it is also vital that we look after the environment and utilise our fleet as efficiently as possible. We have recently upgraded our fleet of artic vehicles so that we now have 8 Euro 6 engines, resulting in better fuel efficiency. The vehicles are better for the environment and are in good condition, with up to date service plans as standard.

We are proud to say that in 2019, our vehicle utilisation has improved by 37% so far, as the team work closely to ensure that all delivery opportunities are maximized and that our vehicles aren’t making unnecessary trips.

We have a range of vehicles available to deliver our products – from 18 tonne vehicles to 44 tonne artic lorries – we have the right form of transport to suit any job or customer.

Get in touch with the team today to find out more about our in-house fleet team and the delivery options that are available to you –