DekBoard, the UK manufacturer of PVC decking solutions, is delighted to announce it has been invited by Cove Communities to be its national decking partner, supplying its residential sites across the UK.

With many years’ experience of manufacturing high-quality decking specifically designed for holiday & residential homes, DekBoard is perfectly placed to provide Cove Communities with long-lasting, but beautifully styled decking and accessories. The decking’s slip resistant qualities and low maintenance requirements also make it a safe and stress-free option for residents.

As with Cove Communities, the environment is a key consideration for DekBoard. This is why all DekBoard products are manufactured in the UK using sustainable methods, constructed from sustainably sourced and recycled materials, and are 100% recyclable. Combined, this makes DekBoard the most sustainable choice for Cove Communities.

DekBoard will be supplying its decking to all Cove Communities residential parks across the UK, whilst utilising the expertise, experience, and knowledge of its established nationwide Authorised Installer Network, as Mark Cartwright, Commercial Director at DekBoard, explains:

“We are extremely proud to become part of the Cove Communities family, as a trusted supplier of PVC decking. The commitment and passion Cove Communities puts into its resorts and the dedication is has to providing residents with only the highest quality homes, mirrors our own business ethos, and we are very much looking forward to working more closely together.

“We – and Cove Communities – will be supported by our Authorised Network of Installers. This nationwide network consists of highly skilled and knowledgeable installers who will be on hand to ensure the safe installation and maintenance of our decking systems. Also, as part of the larger Epwin Group, we can provide peace of mind that the stability and security of our supply chains are ensured and strong.

“All together, I’m confident we can provide Cove Communities and its residents with beautiful decking that can be enjoyed for many years to come.”

Further information about DekBoard and its holiday home offering can be found at or by calling 01724 848 500.