Demand for UK holiday accommodation continues to rise, as more people choose to remain in the UK despite the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions. This demand has led many holiday parks to expand their sites or renovate existing holiday homes to attract more custom. Mark Cartwright, Commercial Director at DekBoard, looks at the impact this is having on the decking industry, the rise in popularity of PVC and how DekBoard is working to support both holiday park owners and installers as they navigate this busy period:

The trend for ‘staycations’, which started during the pandemic, has continued post-COVID with more and more people realising the benefits of holidaying in the UK. This has obviously been fantastic for the industry, leading to a rise in new developments and extensions to existing sites. However, in turn this has resulted in an increased demand for materials and products, such as PVC decking, which has placed pressure on the supply chain.

Here at DekBoard, we have been working hard to support our customers and valued authorised installer network by guaranteeing the highest quality products at the right time. One way of achieving this is by pre-empting the needs of our customers, as well as market trends, and ensuring our offering reflects those needs.

We have supplied the holiday park market for many years and understand the needs and wants of their owners. When it comes to PVC decking for the outside of holiday homes, caravans or lodges, price is one of the most important considerations, together with style and the quality of product and installation.

What are the advantages of PVC decking?

PVC decking has grown in popularity in recent years to the point where PVC is now one of the go-to materials for decking projects. While it is true that traditional materials, such as wood, remain staples, it is increasingly difficult to argue with the numerous benefits of PVC decking.

The advantages of PVC decking include: 

  • Durability – Our PVC decks boast exceptional strength and resistance to wear and tear. Unlike timber decks, PVC decks will not warp over time, and the strong construction ensures that they are able to bear the weight of high loads.
  • Easy to maintain – DeckBoard PVC decking requires minimal upkeep, especially when compared to wooded decks, which will often need to be re-stained or re-painted in order to prevent them from degrading. All you’ll need to do is occasionally hose it down to keep it looking its best!
  • Environmentally conscious – Absolutely no trees were harmed in the making of our PVC decking! Predominantly made from recycled materials, our decks are also 100% recyclable, ensuring that there is minimal impact on the environment.
  • Colour options – PVC decking can be manufactured in a broad range of colours and finishes, ensuring that you are able to select an option that compliments your existing outdoor decor. 
  • Splinter free -Over time, even the most carefully finished wood deck is likely to degrade, increasing the chances of it splintering. This can lead to you, your children, friends and even pets suffering from splinters! Unlike wood, PVC decking is guaranteed to never splinter, meaning you can walk confidently on your deck without worrying about the potential for splinters.

Quality controlled

As a manufacturer, we can set the price of our PVC decking profiles but are unable to dictate the retail installed price due to factors outside of our control. However, we trust our authorised installers to provide the installed decks at a competitive price to their local area.

What we do have control over is our comprehensive Quality Assessment process, stock availability and on time delivered profiles, to ensure our authorised installers can keep their service levels high with minimum lead times.

Also, as our products are manufactured here in the UK, we can monitor their quality at each stage of the manufacturing process. This way, we can guarantee only the highest quality PVC profiles leave our warehouses, providing our distributors, installers and customers with product confidence and peace of mind.”

Style and substance

We understand that product quality is not the only feature holiday park owners look for in PVC decking. Style is just as important as substance. Most holiday parks will have a specific ‘look’ they adhere to, to help create a sense of symmetry and harmony across their site. However, this does not mean they are limited when it comes to style or tone.

Many parks are now demanding a more contemporary, sleek style of PVC decking, which can complement any type of holiday home and blend beautifully into any location. Natural and pastel tones are still popular, but we are seeing an increase in demand for the more modern grey decking, with many combining this with glass and foiled balustrades for a truly contemporary look.

To meet this growing demand for more choice, DekBoard now offers nine different colours of decking, two standard plain and two standard foil balustrade colours, and seven foiled, made to order, balustrade finishes.

Our ability to meet the needs of our end customers is due to both industry research and knowledge, but also thanks to our approved network of authorised installers and their relationships with their customers. We work closely with our authorised installers to ensure we are providing their customers with the products they want and in turn, they are offering only the highest level of customer service and workmanship.”

Authorised installer excellence

The installation of PVC decking is just as important as the quality of the product itself. Even the highest quality product, if installed incorrectly, can look, and perform under par. This is why we only engage with and invite the best installers into our approved authorised installer network.

In return we offer a wide range of standard and bespoke products, reduced turnaround times and the facility for installers to purchase small quantities. For example, our made to order products can be produced within three weeks and with a realistic economical minimum order quantity. This allows our authorised installers to offer something different to their customers and places them in a strong, competitive position over their competitors.

Our authorised installers are also helping us to spread the positive message about PVC and its benefits, which are not always obvious to some holiday park and holiday homeowners.”

Perfectly designed PVC

Historically, PVC has been seen as a secondary choice to timber or metal. However, improvements in manufacturing techniques, as well as higher quality products entering the market, is helping to change this perspective.

Apart from longevity and durability, one of the biggest benefits of PVC is its low maintenance. Once installed, PVC requires very little looking after. It does not need to be treated or painted as timber does, and it requires only an occasional wash and sweep to keep it looking clean and tidy. This is a huge advantage to any holiday park owner, saving both time and money throughout the year.

The appearance of PVC has also improved since its inception, with many quality PVC boards having a high end, contemporary look that would complement any style of holiday home or park. The introduction of innovative materials, such as Wood Polymer Composite (WPC), a combination of plastics, wood, and fibre, is also widening consumer choice. Wood composite decking boards echo the look and feel of timber but have all the added benefits of PVC. We have seen an increase in demand for this type of deck board, especially from parks with lodges or wooden holiday homes, and now offer two Wood Polymer Composite decking profiles.

The future is PVC

The pandemic is now over, but we believe that the trend for ‘staycations’ is here to stay. This means an increased demand for holiday homes and holiday home rentals, which in turn will result in a rise of decking installations. Our aim, together with the support of authorised installers, is to educate the industry on the many benefits of PVC.

We’re confident about the future of our industry and are fully prepared to support both it, and our authorised installer network, by providing only the highest quality product, the widest choice of colours and styles, and the shortest lead times on the market.”