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Why use PVC-u decking rather than timber or composite?

The answer is easy, PVC-u is cleaner, safer, will last longer, and is better for the environment.

And with our special design and high quality manufacturing processes, you can be sure that you’ll have a beautiful wood effect board which will bring you many years of service.

DekBoard – wood grain effect, textured for non-slip and domed for water run off

The science behind our wood grain pattern

Our wood grain pattern does so much more than look beautiful. The wood grain finish is embossed into the surface of the board at a very specific temperature and creates a complex system of grooves and raised areas. Read on to find out how these make our board special.

Why is PVC-U decking better for the environment than wood or composite?

Despite what you may have been led to believe over the last couple of years, the plastic used in our decking is highly sustainable. It is able to be re-used several times in our decking products, after which, it is still ground to pellets and sold on to be used for something else. It’s not the same as some of the single use plastics which are getting the bad publicity.

We use a mixture of recycled and virgin PVC-U polymers in our manufacturing process, and re-use any off-cuts and installer scrap which we collect and re-grind in our factory.

DekBoard non-slip decking perfect for holiday homes or gardens

Will it get slippery?

Our embossed woodgrain pattern is what gives our board its excellent slip resistance, by creating this textured surface it increases friction and so reduces the risk of slips.

Take some decking advice from us… Did you know wooden decks and some composite/WPC decks and surfaces can be susceptible to mould/lichen growth which can become very slippery under certain conditions? We’ve carefully designed our decking to be non-slip and carried out stringent tests to support this.

DekBoard decking is also manufactured using material which does not promote mould growth, meaning it’s safe and slip resistant whether it’s in a shaded spot or wet with rain or dew.

How does water run off?

Two ways. Firstly, our deck boards are designed with a gently domed face which prevents any water settling on the boards

Secondly, the embossed surface helps to reduce water tension, which means that moisture will run off the deck rather than lay in pools.

Any moisture will quickly run off your deck surface, which means you can install your deck completely flat without having to worry about fitting it to a gradient.

Is it made in the UK?

DekBoard gates being made to order in our UK factory

DekBoard decking and balustrade systems are designed by our team of highly qualified and experienced technical managers and product designers and in association with decking experts, careful considerations have been made throughout every step of the design process. From thorough market research, investment in tooling and stringent testing, our decking quality and performance is second to none.

We are part of Specialist Building Products Ltd, owned by the Epwin Group PLC. We have 40 years of manufacturing experience across 3 factories, and 10 plus years of experience in the manufacture of PVC and composite decking. We’re decking experts, and if you are after decking advice then you are in the right place.

The manufacturing site of DekBoard is conveniently placed centrally in the UK, employs around 300 people and typically extrudes around 1 million linear metres of PVC building products each year across over 9,000 unique product codes.