Whether choosing a new PVC decked area for a holiday caravan or home, or replacing existing decking that has become worn, choosing the right colour can be overwhelming. Mark Cartwright, Commercial Director at DekBoard, explores the many options currently available and how to choose a colour that complements and enhances:

“Buying PVC decking for your holiday home, caravan or lodge is an investment, and high-quality PVC decking is specifically designed to last several years. As such, choosing the right colour is imperative. There will always be ‘trends’ that holiday homeowners may wish to follow, but it is important to remember that these trends come and go.

“When talking to our customers, we tend to suggest taking inspiration from their caravans, lodges, or holiday homes. Choosing a colour which either blends into the background or creates a striking contrast with the existing outdoor furniture is usually a good starting point.”

Complementary and contrasting colours

“Looking to the colour of your door and window frames is a good idea when choosing your new PVC decking. Matching the colour of your new decking to these frames creates a harmonised, coordinated appearance. For example, if your existing frames and balustrades are a plain white or foiled grey, there will be a balustrade to match.

“Grey’s, such as DekBoard’s Luna Grey, are currently extremely popular – and although we tend to advise against going with a trend, DekBoard believes this is a trend that is set to stay for a while. Many people now opt for grey window and door frames, so a grey decked area will complement this beautifully.

“Another option is to choose a colour that is a complete contrast to your holiday home. For example, a grey decked area against a white building could make a real statement.”

Natural inspiration

“It is also important to look at the style and design of the holiday home, caravan, or ‘lodge’ and the environment in which it sits. For example, the above suggestion may perfectly suit a modern static caravan, but a grey or white balustrade would not necessarily be suitable for a woodland ‘lodge’.

“Many of these forest or woodland ‘lodges’ are specifically designed to blend beautifully into their natural backgrounds. As such, they require a PVC decked area that complements this. Colours, such as DekBoard’s Dark Oak, Light Oak, and Driftwood deck boards, and selection of brown or grey foiled balustrades are perfectly suited to this style of holiday home, whereas white or almond balustrades and pastel deck board colours would look stark against the natural backdrop and would be inappropriate.”

Remembering the rules

“When choosing your new decking, it is worth noting any regulations dictated by the holiday park owners. There may be rules on the colours of decking you are allowed to install, to ensure a consistent look across the park. However, whatever the guidelines, there will be a decking and accessories colour that adheres to the rules, but also complements your home.

“There are currently many colour options on the market. For example, here at DekBoard alone we offer nine different colours of decking and seven foiled balustrade shades, and as PVC decking can last over ten years, it is important to choose the right colour.

“Using the environment and your holiday home, caravan or lodge for inspiration is always a good starting point. We would also recommend talking to a supplier or a local installer about your options, to ensure your investment results in the perfect PVC decking for you and your holiday home.”