Unfortunately, the answer is no. There may be some companies out there who profess to produce non-slip decking, but to claim that your PVC decking is 100 percent non-slip is misleading – and dangerous.

Here at DekBoard we are extremely proud of the quality of our products, but we also aim to be completely transparent. Therefore, we will never claim our decking is non-slip, as non-slip decking does not exist! However, what we do offer is highly slip-resistant decking, which is perfectly suited to holiday homes and holiday parks.  

Slip-resistant – not non-slip decking

Our PVC decking has been specifically designed to have extremely high levels of slip-resistance. Whilst some wooden and composite decking can become very slippery when wet, our PVC decking has been designed to encourage water removal. It has a clever textured surface which prevents the formation of pools of water by breaking water tension, encouraging water run-off, whilst providing good contact between feet and the decking. It also has a gently domed face which further aids water run-off, even when laid level. Combined, these features mean the decking will not attract mould or lichen, which can be the downfall of timber – and some composite decking.

Testing, testing

To ensure our decking is as slip-resistant as possible, we subjected it to rigorous testing, which was carried out at Ecodek, a sister company of DekBoard within the Epwin Group. All our decking profiles have been tested to the CEN/TS 15676 slip-resistance standard. According to HSE guidelines, a Low Slip Potential classification is achieved with a value that is equal to or greater than 36. The test result for our PVC decking in the dry was an average of 56.8, whilst the result for our decking in the wet was an average of 48.8.

These results clearly show that our PVC decking exceeds expectations when it comes to slip-resistant specifications. In real terms, this means our decking is comfortable and secure underfoot, providing you with the peace of mind that you will be safe and stable in all weathers.

So, although we cannot offer you non-slip PVC decking, we can provide high-quality, beautiful, slip-resistant decking that is built to last – and all provided by a company you can trust.